1.) I've learned to love with connection instead of attachment.

2.) I've learned that time and patience can heal almost any problem I may face.

3.) I've learned that everything happens for a reason and that I'm only given as much as I can handle.

4.) I've learned to not chase after people who don't deserve or respect me.

5.) I've learned to know my worth and always stay true to it.

6.) I've learned what consciousness awareness is and that defining it ruins its true meaning.

7.) I've learned to how meditate.

8.) I've learned that it's okay to forgive people who have wronged me without letting them back in my life, and it's okay to cut off unhealthy relationships.

9.) I've learned to never turn on my family, they are the most important people in my life and love me more than anything.

10.) I've learned to not take the loyal and trustworthy people in my life for granted, they are very rare.

11.) I've learned to think before I speak.

12.) I've learned that when I ask for signs I will receive signs.

13.) I've learned that not everyone will always agree with what I have to say, but I can't take any opinion personally.

14.) I've learned to never be embarrassed for who you I am and what others think of me.

15.) I've learned to trust my intuition, it's usually always right.

16.) I've learned the importance of having peace of mind over constant happiness- I can have peace of mind even when I'm sad.

17.) I've learned that life is not perfect because it's not supposed to be perfect.

18.) I've learned that love does not have to be so complicated and it can be found almost everywhere I look.

19.) I've learned to never forget to laugh and smile and be grateful for everything I am blessed with in life. I have so much more to say but I have not yet lived enough years to share everything. Big thank you to everyone who's either a part of my life or who I've crossed paths with over the years, I appreciate you all and I wouldn't be the same without you.