Why are so many people blind to choosing positivity and love over hate? Why do people surround themselves by toxic drama and constant negativity?

Why do people only do good things when they can also get something good out of the situation? And why do people do bad things to try to get something good? The answer is simple: These people are not happy with their own character. True happiness comes from within you.

Happiness is that amazing feeling when you go out of your way to help others without even thinking about wanting something in return. Happiness is human. It is a reflection of love and is only achieved through letting in positivity. Do not let materialistic things and distractions make you happy. You may ask, “Why not? Isn’t all happiness, well, happiness?” No, this is a false illusion of happiness. It is not real. It is not genuine, pure, and alive. Happiness that comes through materialism and distractions has a layer of guilt, negativity, and confusion underneath it.

Once you experience true, blissful, and positive happiness, you will quickly know the difference and have a deeper and more personal understanding of it. Never rely on others to make you happy. Lead your own life and learn to not have to depend on others for a constant sense of happiness. Accept yourself for who you are and quit comparing yourself to others. This leads to jealousy, hatred, and lust. In the end, you are the only one who can make yourself happy.

So, what exactly is happiness? Happiness is love. Choose to love and you will quickly discover you are choosing happiness. You will also discover a new feeling of lightness and feel free from negative emotions. Your life suddenly becomes simpler, allowing your passion to guide you through life.