Not getting embarrassed so easily and being more confident is something I myself am always working on. In real life I can actually be quite shy at times and it's not always easy for me to open up to people. For instance, if wasn't until a couple years ago where I truly found my voice and started to become more open and confident. As I've gotten older, I've gotten more confident with who I am, but like any normal person I still struggle at times with feeling truly confident in my own skin. I believe that in order to achieve true confidence we must first continue to grow through life and learn to love ourselves. This takes time but I know it's possible to achieve. Never allow embarrassment affect your inner peace and happiness. Stop constantly caring what others think of you. Live for yourself and embrace your inner qualities. The opinions and judgments of others cannot overpower and define your own individual self-worth. The feeling of embarrassment is your ego trying to fit in and act similar to the "norm". It creates a negative force field that makes you feel unconformable in your own skin. Embrace confidence and live at your own desired pace. Never let anything come between you and your own happiness. A confident individual who embraces all of their unique qualities creates a peaceful life. Do the things you love and are passionate about without caring what others think. If you love something, never let it go. Do not be embarrassed if others judge you for your passion. Your passion is not their passion. Practice confidence without feeding your ego. Do not use your confidence to appear better than others. Instead, use it to practice independence, create inspiration, and become free from judgment. Use confidence to diminish fear. Do not use it to make others think badly about themselves. Instead of turning embarrassment into a negative quality, embrace it. Use it to find yourself. Do not be afraid to try new things in life or take chances. People will judge you, but there is no need to take what others say so personally. Instead, treat it as a lesson and learn from it.