#ThoughtsbyKatie Many people like to tie words to image. Some people judge an individual attribute of a person without looking at the person as a whole. I felt inspired to write this after glancing at a negative comment, or shall I say hate paragraph, the other day on one of my photos where I addressed the topic of happiness.

Hate is obviously a part of life everyone has to deal with. Without hate, love would not be as appreciated and we would only see the world through gentle and guarded eyes. I’m not saying I just ignore hate, more so I’m trying to say that I try to not take it so personally all of the time. But this is obviously easier than than done. I’m not going to let a person who takes time out of their own day to write a paragraph basically saying my words do not empower anyone because I post in a bikini and show my body affect the way I see myself. Instead, I will let it fuel my soul and gain a new perspective. But does having an opinion and stating your mind or feelings have anything to do with how you look or how much of your body you show? I am aware that the more you put yourself out there, both physically and emotionally, the more hate you are apt to receive, but I also know that my words ARE my words and I cannot let anyone tell me its “funny I think I can empower people”. I do not write for approval. I write for myself because it’s something I’m passionate about and actually enjoy. It’s my own type of escape. I decided to start to put more of my words and thoughts out there because I believed people would want to see a whole different aspect of who I truly am and maybe enjoy reading my thoughts or possibly relate to them. Just because someone tells me my words are worthless does not mean I’m going to stop writing and sharing how I feel. If anything this gave me more motivation and incentive to put myself out there, and since something good comes out of everything, I took the hate and turned it into inspiration.