I was looking back at my journal that I started last August and found this entry from this past September that I wanted to share. For about 6 months straight I would daily journal because something inside of me told me that I needed to. Automatic writing became a spiritual outlet and it gave me the idea of maybe writing a book eventually. Although I'm not daily journaling at the moment, I still write when I feel like it because I don't want my words to be forced. I'm sharing this because it's something I keep inside of me and only talk about with a few people. Keep in mind this feeling only lasted for so long. It now comes and goes as it pleases, but I have accepted the ups and the downs. Enjoy.❤️ 9/7/16 I now know that I have been spiritually awakened and have found myself at the beginning of a spiritual journey. This is a journey where I am excited because I know that each moment in life is beautiful and everything in it has its own individual place. Every single living thing, big or small, has a unique place that has been specifically designed for them. I know I am not scared because I am not pushing this new journey away. I have accepted it and know it is happening for a reason. I am trying to put this new feeling into words. It is much more than a feeling of bliss. It is as if I have this new understanding of life. My consciousness shines and I see everything differently. I see the world in a new perspective that gives my soul a sense of comfort and passion for all. I am at peace with not only myself, but with everything and everyone surrounding me. Those I love, those I have just met, those I am close with, those I am not too close with, and those I do not even know. It is as if everything in the world makes more sense. I have suddenly realized that everything is somehow connected. Something random may occur to lead up to something much more important. At first, you may wonder why that random and “unnecessary” event occurred. But then once the more important and meaningful one occurs you then realize that both events are connected and if the first one did not happen then the next would not exist. This is just one of the many examples that gives light to the fact that everything in your life has a meaning. Do not take anything for granted. Never give shade to anything that happens in your life. Just know and constantly remind yourself that it was meant to happen. Although the past is in the past and you should now live in the moment, always be grateful for the past and for everything it has taught you. Your life is a bundle of moments, some amazing and some not so amazing. Continue to live each and every one of these moments in the present. These moments will help you achieve a new sense of love for everything in life and open your eyes to the power of self-awareness and acceptance. Be aware of your own mind. Listen to it and treat it kindly. Find wisdom within yourself and hold on to that wisdom for the rest of eternity. Continue to grow that wisdom in the palm of your hand. Harvest it, protect it, and never let go. Treat it like a newborn child. If you stay connected to the wisdom inside of you, you will stay connected to the meaning of life. It will guide you closer to your passion. But remember, your life should always be full of passion. Passion is a never-ending journey that keeps you motivated and excited for life. Without passion your life loses substance. Allow your passion and the wisdom within you to work together. This will open new doors and let you explore new and exciting thoughts, ideas, and feelings . Your life is beautiful and you deserve to experience the power of passion and wisdom.