Live freely, give freely, behave freely, and create freely. We are meant to be free. We are meant to do what we love. But you cannot do what you love and live freely without making sacrifices and putting others before yourself. We are not meant to isolate ourselves from the world. While creating, discovering, and gaining spiritual growth, never forgot about others around you. Although we need silence to further grow and create, we need human connection to put our words into actions. You need others to test your patience and awareness. You cannot do everything on your own. Once you accept the fact that you sometimes need help from others, you will also learn to accept your life for how it is. The people in your life are there for you to love, help, guide, and relate to. You must be kind, loving, and helpful to those in your life. Do not push them away. Strengthen your awareness through them, find the light that makes you feel deeply and passionately for others, and learn more about yourself through others. Learn to relate on a personal level to anyone placed in your life. Never mock their actions or not take their feelings or words seriously. No one is the same as you. Therefore, no one acts and processes a situation in the same manner as you do.

Find that place inside yourself that guides you towards connecting with anyone. Accept someone for how they are instead of judging them. Help someone in need instead of only thinking about yourself and your personal priorities. Become relatable instead of distancing yourself from others. Although they may not be your own personal problem, they are in your life for a reason. Put them before yourself and listen to what they have to say. You will learn so much from those that you help. Always remember that your priorities are not more important than the priorities of others. Comment the last nice thing you did for someone you care about