#ThoughtsbyKatie I desire to be whole. The energy inside my body continues to become stronger. I wish to continue to strengthen this inner energy inside of me and never lose sight of who I truly am.

Wholeness creates strength. I want to be strong. I do not want to run away from fear. Fear creates both mental and physical problems and disturbance. Mind, body, and soul cannot be whole in the presence of fear.

Wholeness creates lightness. I desire to live without irritation and impatience. I want to create an imprint on the world that leaves others with a sense of lightness and clearness. Lightness occurs when the need to rush through life becomes unimportant. Clearness becomes apparent when one has a clear mind.

Wholeness flows through my body. It connects my mind, body, and soul. I crave this feeling of wholeness and connection because it makes me feel present, safe, and loved. My love for everything increases when I become whole.

I find inspiration in all aspects of life. I wish to continue to remain positive, loving, kind, patient, helpful, and aware. I know I am not perfect, but I hope to inspire others to replace the unnecessary actions that create more harm and negativity, with positive and uplifting actions that better both humanity and the Earth.