Katie grew up in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Auburn, California. She is 19 years old. Even though she is very independent, she is very family oriented and extremely close to her older sister. She loves traveling and through her international travel has gained a flavor, appreciation and understanding of the many cultures through the lovely people she has met.

Currently living in Los Angeles, California with her older sister Bri, Katie is a model, free spirit, social media influencer and a Junior, majoring in Psychology at Liberty University.

She is an extremely upbeat individual who is passionate about writing, photography, reading, working out, baking, yet, healthy eating and most of all learning through her travel adventures and the wonderful people she meets.

Katie says, “I love creating and sharing content of the adventures my sister and I experience in the different countries all around the world. I'm excited and look forward to sharing my writings, photos, and travel adventures with all of you!”